Love 4 Life


As author of the book "As an unseen stone in my heart", about HIV and AIDS in the world, I have had the honor of being adviser, ambassador and expert at earlier World AIDS Day, now, Love4Life. Among other things, it has meant that, in the middle of the happy entertainment on the stage, in contrast I talked seriously about the global HIV and AIDS situation.

World Aids Day-galan has been run since 2012 by the World AIDS Day-galan Foundation. World Aids Day galan is run by founder Peter Englund as a private and ideal initiative.

2007 was the first World Aids Day gala with the artists Alcazar, Shirley Clamp, Moulin Noir, Fredrik Kempe, Carina Lidbom, WAD Girls, Pay TV, The Original Ensemble from the Musical RENT at Göta Lejon in Stockholm and Diamond Dogs. The gala was held on Cirkus Cirkörs premises at Subtopia in Norsborg.

2010 the gala moved to Kolingsborg at Slussen in Stockholm and on the stage were Alcazar, Lili & Susie, Velvet, Lill-Marit Bugge, Cecilia Ehrling, Björn Törnblom, Babben Larsson, Sean Magnus, Diamond Dogs, WAD Girls, Neo, Pay -tv and the original cast from the musical RENT at Göta Lejon in Stockholm.

2011 the second year at Kolingsborg and on the stage were Claes Månsson, Annikafiore, Linda Sundblad, Babsan, Babben Larsson, Diamond Dogs, Nina Söderqvist, Jan Kyhle, Atlas, Lill-Marit Bugge, Straight Up, Björn Törnblom, Susan Lanefelt, Tony Irwing , Cecilia Ehrling, WAD-Girls, Trevor Lewis, Anine, Therese Andersson and the Police Officer in Stockholm.

2012 third year at Kolingsborg and Hanna Lindblad, Babben Larsson, Andreas Lundstedt, Albin Flinkas, Nanne Grönvall, John Houdi, Three D, Lili & Susie, with the choir of Körslaget on TV4, WAD-Girls, Diamond Dogs, Shirley Clamp, Sara Varga and cast from the La Cage Aux Folles musical at the Oscar Theater.

2013 Moved to the Exchange (Hamburger Börs) where artists like Lill Lindfors, Maria Montazami, Alcazar, Babben Larsson, Rikard Wolff, Anne-Lie Rydé, Lili & Susie, Erik Linder, Diamond Dogs and the winner of the little Melodifestivalen Elias Elffors Elfström and the cast from the musical Priscilla at Göta Lejon with Pernilla Wahlgren at the top of the stage. Even the original ensemble from the musical RENT was present this year.

2014 The sixth gal took place at Rival at Mariatorget in Stockholm. On the stage were Carola Häggkvist, Peter Jöback, Shirley Clamp, Three D, Erik Linder, Timothy, Diamond Dogs, Diamond Dogz and Ann-Louise Hanson. Sofia Wistam was the compere.

Beneficiaries of the collected money
2007 Positiva Gruppen
2010 HIV-skolan
2011 HIV-skolan
2012 HIV-skolan
2013 RFSL and RFSU
2014 Noaks Ark