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Eritrea. 1987-2009

Sweden's relation to Eritrea is a long story. A story that begins with Sweden's first missionaries arriving with their ship to Eritrea's port Massawa in 1866. The chronicle of Eritrea is a story of colonization, oppression and war. After Italia’s colonizing, thirty years of war against Ethiopian occupation took place, ending with liberation 1991. Seven years later another devastating war against the new ruler of Ethiopia started.


In the service of life. 2011

The maternal mortality is one of our biggest challenges in the world today due to the lack of midwives. In 1711 Sweden, as the first country in the world, established regulations for midwives to be trained and examined and swear an oath. To be bound by oath meant an undertaking always to support women in childbirth whether rich or poor, high or low. 


The wall. 2005

Israel's wall grows inexorably longer and divide Palestinian villages and towns. In its shadow settlers strengthens their grip over Palestinian land. The entire Palestinian society is fragmented. The wall has changed the lives of the Palestinian population dramatically.


Coffee. 2017

Every day, 3.1 million cups of coffee are consumed in the world. 25 million growers and 125 million people works with coffee in one way or another making sure we get our coffee every morning. In a rural Ethiopian village, on the streets of Manhattan or in Swedish homes – coffee all over the world plays an important role in people's lives.


Ethiopia poverty reduction. 2017

Despite the Ethiopian regime not allowing organizations working with human rights, the civil society organizations have delivered innovative services to the marginalized and under served people and communities, emphasizing human rights, gender equality and poverty reduction. 


Refugees. 2016

Hungary, Austria, Serbia, Croatia, Lebanon, Islamic State

From the beginning only young and strong men came. When the bombs fell everyone was forced to flee, rich and poor. Now, entire families, the disabled, the sick, grandparents, pregnant women with babies are risking their lives at the Mediterranean Sea.


Estonia. 1995

No one understood. When they woke up in the morning it was already over. The Russian ruble had been converted into Estonian crowns while the old people were sleeping and the money no longer had any value. One's life's savings disappeared in a beautiful sunrise. The question how an old women or man should pay for their food, firewood, clothes and pay the house rent, could not longer be answered.


Crimea. 2015

What happened in Crimea after the Russian occupation? Can people make a living? Do they have food? Initially the Russian government charmed Crimean residents with positive action. Pensions were raised to 15 000 rubles, higher than the teachers' salaries. First things went better, then worse.


Inshallah. 1987–2017

Hardly a day goes without the "Middle East" appearing in the news headlines. Media has reported from the ongoing conflict for more than six decades. Today, the flame of peace is becoming increasingly weaker.


Jerusalem. 1992

Jerusalem, a crossroads between the Orient and the West, desert and coast, God and human. Contested, conquered and devastated. Divided and ruled by Christians, Jews and Muslims since ancient times. Since the US President today recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, tensions in the region are increasing dramatically.


The Philippine Typhoon. 2013

"We thought it was the end of the world", people on island of Leyte says. "We prayed for forgiveness for our sins when we gathered us into the inferno for to die together". First the super typhoon crushed most things in its path, and then  the sea came and took the rest. 


Haiti earthquake. 2010

The 2010 earthquake made 1.3 million Haitians homeless. Now, there is a race against time to prevent a second disaster. Shelter, toilets and water supply must be arranged before the rain and the hurricane season starts. 


HIV in the world. 2009

What does an HIV-infected person look like? Have a look in the mirror. HIV can affect anyone, young, old, rich, poor. Every day, more than 7000 people worldwide catch the infection HIV. 


Divine Cousine/Mat för Gudar. 2015/2003

Lebanon a small country with a big kitchen. The Lebanese food is perfectly made for improvisations, never strong just tasty with a symphony of flavors. To sit under the grapevines in a restaurant in the Middle East and enjoying the food is one of the things I like the most. The studio photos of the food are made together with Ewa Stackelberg.