HIV around the world

As an unseen stone in my heart / HIV around the world

YEAR 2009
TRAVELS TO USA, Egypt, Algeria, Ukraine, Malawi, Guatemala, Cambodia, Sweden, Haiti, Peru, South Africa, China, Congo KinshasaDRC, Kazakhstan, Botswana, Indien, Uganda, Nepal.
MEDIA OUTLETS: Book, lectures, World Aids Day, Love4Life project
ASSIGNED BY Leopard förlag, Swedish Red Cross, The National Union of Teachers in Sweden


What does an HIV-infected person look like? Have a look in the mirror. HIV can affect anyone, young, old, rich, poor. Every day, more than 7000 people worldwide catch the infection HIV. Some of them develop the deadly disease aids. In this book men and women from all over the world break their silence for the first time, and tell their story courageously and honestly. A depiction of poverty, but also of the joy of life, courage and the refusal to give up.



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