Photographic exhibitions by Donald Boström

From the Estonia exhibition


1988 Charlottenborg Copenhagen.

1989 National Gallery, Stockholm.

1989 House of Parliament,  Stockholm.

1989 National running exhibition, ABF/Sweden.

1989 Solna Library Sweden.

1990 Gallery Frameland Stockholm.

1991 Frölunda center of culture, Gothenburg.

1991 Libraries in Stockholm, Karlstad and Örebro.

1992 Kungälv Sweden.

1992 Uppland Museum Sweden.

1993 Book Palace, Stockholm.

1993 Faces of Jerusalem, Jerusalem.

1993 Running exhibition, SFS, ten cities.

1993 Barbatre, France.

1994 Bazaar, Stockholm.

1997 San Jean de Montes, France.

2000 Kulturen Lund, Eritrea.

2000 “War and Peace”, Gallery Pascal Gottard-Olsson, Stockholm.

2000 “Different”, Gallery Pascal Gottard-Olsson, Stockholm.

2001 “Inshallah”, Gallery Kontrast, Stockholm.

2006 – 2007 “The Wall”, fifteen places in Sweden starting in Örebro.

2008 Web exhibition, “Middle East” at the Nordic Museum.

2011 Etnographic Museum, Stockholm. Earthquake Haiti.